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What is a personnel hoist?

A personnel hoist is a special type of conveyance designed to transport personnel and materials safely in areas where traditional vertical movement (such as an elevator) is not practical. Personnel hoists allow workers and materials to be safely transported up and down vertical shafts, towers, or other structures.

What are personnel hoists used for?

Personnel hoists are primarily used for safely and efficiently transporting personnel and materials between different levels of a construction site. They help save time and labor costs by providing workers with a means of easily accessing different levels of a structure. Personnel hoists can also provide temporary access solutions for workers carrying out inspections, maintenance, and repairs during the construction process.

What is the difference between material hoist and personnel hoist?

Material hoists are typically used on lower-level projects and can only be used to lift materials, generally heavy items which cannot be carried by hand, such as tools and supplies. Personnel hoists are designed to transport both human workers and materials.

Who manufactured the personnel hoists for sale?

The inventory of personnel hoists come from manufacturers like Alimak, Strohs, and Champion.

How much does a used personnel hoist cost?

The cost of a used personnel hoist can vary depending on the age, model, size, lift height, accessories, and condition of the hoist. Generally, you may expect to spend anywhere from $25,000 for an older model in good condition with limited lift height & accessories. You may spend hundreds of thousands for a slightly used personnel hoist with additional lift height & many accessories.

What is the lifting capacity of a personnel hoist?

Personnel hoists lifting capacity widely varies based on the make and model of the hoist. However, on average, personnel hoists can lift anywhere between 2 to 4 tons depending on the individual hoist.

What are the benefits of buying a used personnel hoist?

Hoists can help speed up construction tasks by allowing tools, materials and personnel to be quickly and safely moved between elevations. This can provide workers with more time to focus on their tasks, reduce delays, and boost productivity and efficiency overall.

How can I determine if I’m purchasing a used personnel hoist from a reputable dealer?

You can research the dealer online to learn more about the company’s history and reputation. Additionally, it is your responsibility to inspect or view the personnel hoist that you are considering buying.


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