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Used Construction Equipment & Machines For Sale

Used Conventional Truck Cranes For Sale

At Maxim Marketplace, we offer a vast selection of used conventional truck cranes for sale. These versatile machines can be utilized in a variety of industries, ranging from construction to mining and beyond. Our conventional truck cranes are readily available for immediate purchase. Buy direct today!

What is a conventional truck crane?

Conventional truck cranes, also known as lattice boom cranes, feature a lattice boom mounted on the bed of a truck or trailer that can be adjusted to varying heights and angles. Conventional truck cranes are known for their mobility and flexibility.

What are conventional truck cranes used for?

Conventional trucks are smaller than fixed cranes making them easy to operate and maneuver. These versatile cranes can be used in many different types of big basic jobs including:

  1. Construction & Landscaping

  2. Shipping & Transportation

  3. Oil & Gas

  4. Mining

  5. Infrastructure Projects

What is the difference between a hydraulic truck crane and a conventional truck crane?

The most obvious difference between hydraulic truck cranes and conventional truck cranes are how they are powered. On a hydraulic truck crane, the lifting mechanisms such as the boom are powered by an internal hydraulics system. Conventional truck cranes power their lifting mechanisms with diesel fuel or gasoline. Conventional truck cranes can lift quicker but hydraulic truck cranes may be easier to control.

What is the difference between a conventional truck crane and a boom truck?

The primary differences between a boom truck and a conventional truck crane are:

  1. Lifting mechanism: A boom truck typically has an extendable arm or boom that can be moved into various positions to lift and move heavy loads using a hydraulic crane mounted on a truck chassis. In contrast, a conventional truck crane has a fixed telescoping boom that extends vertically to lift loads.

  2. Mobility and flexibility: Boom trucks are designed to be highly maneuverable and flexible, allowing them to reach different areas on job sites easily. They are also quicker and easier to set up than traditional cranes. Conventional truck cranes, on the other hand, are larger and more powerful than boom trucks, making them better suited for heavy-duty lifting applications.

  3. Load capacity: While both types of equipment have their unique advantages, conventional truck cranes generally have greater load capacities than boom trucks.

Who manufactured the conventional truck cranes for sale?

The conventional truck cranes for sale have been manufactured by leading companies such as Link-Belt, Manitowoc and more.

How much does a used conventional truck crane cost?

The cost of a used conventional truck crane can vary widely depending on factors such as the age, condition, and lifting capacity of the crane. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from tens of thousands to several hundred thousand dollars for a used conventional truck crane.
Smaller models with lower lifting capacities may be available for less than $100,000, while larger cranes with higher lifting capacities may cost several hundred thousand dollars or more.

What is the lifting capacity of a conventional truck crane?

Conventional truck cranes lifting capacity widely varies based on the make and model of the truck crane. However, on average, conventional truck cranes can lift anywhere between 15 to 300 tons depending on the individual crane.

What are the benefits of buying a used conventional truck crane over buying one used or renting one?

The two most obvious benefits of buying used lifting equipment is the affordability and availability.

  1. Affordability- Used cranes have already experienced their initial depreciation. They are far more affordable than buying new. Additionally, used cranes are a much more cost-effective option over the long term. 

  2. Availability - When you purchase your own used crane, you have it ready for use immediately.

How can I determine if I’m purchasing a used lifting crane from a reputable crane seller?

There are several ways to determine if you're purchasing a used lifting crane from a reputable crane seller:

  1. Research the seller

  2. Inspect the crane

  3. Ask for references

  4. Request documentation

  5. Check certifications


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