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Used Construction Equipment & Machines For Sale

Used Boom Trucks For Sale

At Maxim Crane Works, we offer a large selection of used boom trucks for sale. Our boom trucks are readily available for immediate purchase and use. Make the best investment in cost-effective lifting equipment to eliminate the need for renting machinery.

What is a boom truck?

A boom truck is a type of crane and transport unit that is similar in design to a flatbed truck but comes equipped with a crane or boom. These trucks are commonly used in construction projects to lift and move heavy materials and equipment to elevated heights.

What are boom trucks used for?

Boom trucks come equipped with a mounted crane and a flatbed, which makes them great for lifting and transporting loads. You can often find boom trucks utilized by construction companies, utility services and HVAC companies. They can also be used as assist cranes when building or removing larger cranes from a job site.

What’s the difference between a boom truck and a hydraulic truck crane?

The few key difference between boom trucks and hydraulic truck cranes are:

    1. Lifting Capacity - Hydraulic truck cranes typically have a higher lifting capacity than boom trucks. This is because hydraulic cranes use hydraulic systems to lift heavy loads, while boom trucks rely on their own weight for stability.

    2. Mobility: Boom trucks are more maneuverable than hydraulic truck cranes. They drive like a regular truck and can move around a job site and on the highway easier and faster than hydraulic truck cranes. 

    3. Reach: Boom trucks have a longer reach than hydraulic truck cranes. This makes them ideal for jobs that require reaching high or far distances.

What’s the difference between a boom truck and a conventional truck crane?

The primary difference between a boom truck and a conventional truck crane is the type of lifting mechanism they use. A boom truck typically has a hydraulic crane mounted on a truck chassis, with an extendable arm or boom that can be used to lift and move heavy loads. This design allows for greater flexibility and mobility than traditional cranes, as the boom can be moved into various positions to reach different areas on a job site.

In contrast, a conventional truck crane has a fixed non-telescoping lattice boom that extends vertically to lift loads. They are often larger and more powerful than boom trucks, making them better suited for heavy-duty lifting applications. Another difference between the two is their setup time. Boom trucks can be set up quickly and easily, while traditional cranes require more time and effort to assemble.

Who manufactured the used boom trucks for sale?

Our large  inventory of boom trucks includes top models from National, Manitex, Terex and Tadano.

What is the lifting capacity of a boom truck?

Boom trucks lifting capacity is typically lower than other types of truck cranes but that doesn’t mean they can’t lift heavy loads. Boom trucks are ideal for lifting loads of 70 tons or less.

How much does a used boom truck cost?

The cost of a used boom truck can vary depending on several factors, including the age of the equipment, its condition, and the brand. Generally, used boom trucks can range in price from around $40,000 to well over $400,000. However, it's important to note that prices may vary significantly based on these factors and market conditions.

What are the benefits of buying a used boom truck versus renting a boom truck or purchasing a brand new boom truck?

Buying a used boom truck can have several benefits compared to renting or purchasing a brand new one.

First, buying a used boom truck is often more cost-effective than purchasing a new one. The initial cost of a new boom truck can be quite high, whereas purchasing a used one can provide significant savings while still offering reliable performance. If you have a recurring need for a boom truck or a long project, purchasing a used boom truck can be more affordable than repeatedly renting one.

Second, owning a boom truck allows for greater flexibility and control over when and how it is used. Owning a boom truck means that it is always available for use whenever needed.

How can I ensure that I’m buying  equipment  from a reputable crane company?

It is vital to conduct thorough research when purchasing a used boom truck from a reputable crane company. This involves examining the company's history, reading customer reviews and requesting references from previous customers to gain further insight into their experiences. Additionally, it is crucial to inspect the crane thoroughly and inquire about its service and operational history before finalizing the purchase.


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